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Activities and Social Events

We encourage our residents to lead an active, varied life style and to join in community social events, wherever possible. We believe a busy schedule adds meaning and motivation for our residents, and for this reason a stimulating programme of events is essential for each resident’s personal development. A weekly timetable is provided as a guide only to enable residents and staff to have a structure to their daily lives. The residents and staff are involved in choosing activities for the timetable. Work and college placements are arranged and supported.


We aim to help you to maintain your own independence. Often something that may seem trivial can be an invaluable aide; for example a grab and hand rails, special cutlery etc.. We will work with you to identify and overcome any problems you may have or assist with things you find very difficult to do.


Cinema World in Shrewsbury is visited occasionally on a Friday.

Meals Out

Our Friday outing usually incorporates lunch out. Often this can be the focus of the outing and restaurants are chosen accordingly. If you have a favourite restaurant please let us know.


Our residents enjoy the tranquillity of the fish tank and keep the fish fed and assist staff to clean the tank. The terrapin tank houses two of the residents’ own terrapins. The staff assist them to maintain the terrapins’ environment.


All of our residents are members of the Welshpool/Llanfair Light Railway. This allows them to travel free of charge. Many a picnic and peaceful journey is enjoyed by us all.

Social Club

Some of our residents go to Llanfyllin Social Club once a month. New residents are welcome to attend.

Holidays and Home Visits

We arrange for our residents to take weekend and holiday breaks with their parents. Individual travel arrangements will be made on the resident’s behalf.